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The more Bitcoins that are mined, the more difficult and complex the calculations become, meaning the more processing required. This was in 2011, so it was still early days for the coin. In a somewhat controversial move, Charlie Lee decided in December 2017 to sell his entire Litecoin balance and donate the liquidated assets to the Litecoin Foundation to further development of the cryptocurrency. In a medium post m they note that it is one of the most valuable and largest Litecoin transactions ever. In fact, Lee prefers to think of Litecoin as silver to Bitcoins gold, a complementary rather than competing coin. Litecoin was designed to make transactions faster and easier. Although the market has since corrected (at the time of writing the value of Litecoin was 179 with a market cap just below 10 billion Litecoin proves to be a coin worth watching and even getting involved with, whether that means mining or purchasing. At the time he discovered Bitcoin, there were already a number of altcoins surfacing, modeled after the original cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, this trend has the effect of edging out people who cant afford to buy the expensive machines required to mine the cryptocurrency. Another reason for digital currencies popularity is that owners are anonymous, thus ensuring privacy on both sender and receivers ends. This has gotten to the point where people have mining farms, collections of tons of computers, specially designed to be processor-heavy and memory-light, all dedicated to mining in order to earn more Bitcoin. For his second attempt, Lee went back to the original source code: Bitcoins.

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The decentralized network of computers conducts a series of ever-more-difficult and energy-intensive calculations to encrypt and double-check the transactions recorded on the blockchain. At 13, he and his family moved to the US, where he grew up and went on to obtain Bachelors and Masters degrees in computer science. The transaction in question was made by the former richest address on the network. Second, without getting into the details, the mining algorithms the two coins use are fundamentally different, by design. As of today, 1 Litecoin or LTC is worth about 150!

is litecoin worth investing in reddit

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And thus, in October 2011, Litecoin was born. Lee noticed that even early on, Bitcoin had some flaws. His first attempt, Fairbix, was a flop. However, after seeing the rise of EOS and ONT in late April, I now believe anything is possible. . Before we learn all about this coin and its fascinating founder, however, lets get a quick refresher on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As the market gets larger, it can become harder for potential investors to distinguish between the different currencies and tokens available to them. Increasing numbers of eCommerce platforms and even retail shops are accepting it as currency, which can only cement its standing and make it even more widespread. The coins originated from an address that still holds 150,000 LTC.

He wasnt the only one. If you dont want to take the risk of investing in cryptocurrency, you can learn about other creative ways to make money online. In this day and age, that means that they are highly susceptible to the whims of social media. The son of Shanghainese immigrants, Lee and his family were amongst a group of early Chinese pioneers in the Ivory Coast during a time of emerging African independence from colonial rule. Many long-term Litecoin holders will go wild if the 2019 Litecoin price prediction is true. They are maintained by a decentralized network of computers (that anyone with the right hardware can become part of) that is constantly doing the requisite calculations and tracking activity. With the continuing trend, Litecoin is expected to grow at a steady pace. So before you ask how much Litecoin will be worth next month or next year, you must know about Litecoins influence. You are the sole owner of your account. The increasing difficulty and complexity of the calculations and the diminishing number of released coins ensure the market isnt flooded, thereby protecting the value of the coin. The reason for this goes back to the underlying code of litecoin and the fact that it uses an algorithm pioneered by Bitcoin but improved upon for its own purposes. Bitcoins strength is more in larger and less frequent transactions, or in just holding value, as many people do with gold. A transaction of over 1 million LTC was recently completed incurring just 50 cents in cost according.

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If you didnt get in at the beginning, its hard to get involved with Bitcoin now unless you buy the coin. The owner, who has held their coins for a long time likely moved them to a more secure Segwit address. The lack of a central figure controlling the coin means that theres no one person able to manipulate it or embezzle it or commit fraud with it, at least at the source. While this may sound confusing, you have to realize that since cryptocurrencies arent regulated, they are highly volatile. Bitcoins creators decided to make their software open source, meaning anyone could access, replicate, and use their designs. (See more: is litecoin worth investing in reddit Could Litecoin Be a Better Investment Than Bitcoin? (See more: Is Litecoin The Future of Cryptocurrency? Modeled after another altcoin, Tenebrix, Lee and his co-founders made a few early errors that doomed Fairbix from the start. Within 12 months, the value of Litecoin jumped from 4 to 371. Now that you remember what cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are, lets delve back into Litecoins origin story and what makes it so special. This is why he thought it best and most ethical to divest himself of any financial stakes in Litecoin if he wanted to continue engaging with the currency. He started mining and purchasing Bitcoin, even getting in contact with one of the developers of Bitcoins blockchain client software named Mike Hearn.

Ever since theres obviously been an explosion of attention focused on cryptocurrencies, but theres also been an explosion of new cryptocurrencies, from the technical to the absurd. This is one reason why some longtime Litecoin followers believe the Litecoin price prediction theory is litecoin worth investing in reddit that 1 Litecoin will eventually be 10 of 1 Bitcoin. Litecoin News, here is a great website to find the latest Litecoin news. It must be noted that the official website for the Litecoin project is Litecoin. However, the process also destroyed a staggering 71,618,997 coin days. I wrote a few weeks ago about my frustration with the quality of subreddits in the Crypto Currency area. Who Could Own the Address?

While this might sound like Lee is getting out of the game (some people viewed this as a sign that the value of Litecoin was about to plummet he was actually, according to him, resolving any potential conflict. The Largest Transaction on Litecoin, according to the m article, the potentially record-setting transaction on the Litecoin network involved 1,159,005.90779568 LTC coins valued at 62 million. You need to understand the history and technology used within Litecoin to know if its worth your time. Lets be honest, no one really knows how much Litecoin will be worth now or tomorrow. Furthermore, its creators ensured transaction fees would remain low, so youll rarely pay more than a fraction of a dollar in fees. Litecoin, on the other hand, utilizes the memory-intensive scrypt algorithm. Always 10 Bitcoin, although Litecoin was modeled after Bitcoin, there are some key differences that make it a fundamentally different coin. There is very little of substance to be seen in the community and they allow people like mastertrader777 come in and pollute the subreddit with his pump and dump crap. But the vast majority of these scandals occur at the human level, a mistake that the owner makes to buy this altcoin or sell that one, not a fundamental problem at the digital currencys source (the blockchain). for example, the coin limit for litecoin is four times the size of bitcoin: 84 million versus 21 million. The huge inflow of funds has made the new Segwit M address the richest on the.

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He worked for a number of companies between graduation in 2000 and the creation of Litecoin in 2011, including Kana Communications, Guidewire Software, and Google. If he wanted to applaud Litecoin for its recent gains or commiserate about its recent losses, any Facebook post or Tweet could be misconstrued as him trying to game the system. The cryptography component is key because its what allows cryptocurrencies to be reliable, safe, unhackable methods of payment. Granted, there are plenty of scandals in the cryptoverse, like the infamous pump and dump schemes, wherein someone with the social authority to influence sales buys up a large amount of a relatively unknown altcoin, hypes. For more info please read our disclosure. The large transaction appears to be geared towards the consolidation of funds into a newly created Multi-Signature / Segwit M address. On the m website there is very little information about its backing and motives. /r/litecoin has become nothing more than useless memes and useless posts that reference the cryptocurrency going to the moon or how someone is Hodling. First of all, as far as cryptocurrencies go, Bitcoin is somewhat large and clunky it suffers from both long transaction times and large transaction fees. In a recent profile, m suggests there is at least one other cryptocurrency name that is worth noting: litecoin may be one of the more underrated altcoins at this time.